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Made By Skyler | Flamingo, Warden, Sloth Vinyl Decal Pack

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Approximately 3”
Matte Vinyl Decals

Set of 3

Original Artwork by Skyler, our 8 year old son. He created and drew these characters using procreate on his iPad. 


About the characters:

Birthy the Sloth is a 8 year old who loves parties and pepperonis. 

Cutie Pie the Flamingo got his name because he has a mohawk and sparkly eyes!

Wardy the Warden is a warden who lives alone in a cave and likes steak. 

They are all friends who like to go to carnivals, fishing, and play with each other.


Our vinyl stickers are waterproof, UV proof, scratch resistant, and super durable! Printed on durable SUPER high quality vinyl with a clear, MATTE laminate to seal the print.