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Made By Skyler | Flamingo, Warden, Sloth Vinyl Decal Pack

Made By Skyler | Flamingo, Warden, Sloth Vinyl Decal Pack

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These stickers are the perfect way to personalize your water bottle or any other smooth surface. It is a fun and easy way to decorate items. Waterproof, scratch resistant and durable. Our stickers are removable but not reusable. Made with a matte laminate coating that resists scratching and fading. All stickers are approximately 3 inches. 

Set of 3

Original Artwork by Skyler, our 8 year old son. He created and drew these characters using procreate on his iPad. 


About the characters:

Birthy the Sloth is a 8 year old who loves parties and pepperonis. 

Cutie Pie the Flamingo got his name because he has a mohawk and sparkly eyes!

Wardy the Warden is a warden who lives alone in a cave and likes steak. 

They are all friends who like to go to carnivals, fishing, and play with each other.

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