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Line Art Portrait Ornament

Line Art Portrait Ornament

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Let loved ones know they're in your thoughts this holiday season with this hand-painted line art ornament. A charming keepsake that celebrates special moments, it's the perfect way to add a personalized touch to your Christmas tree. 

Ornament is clear acrylic, approximately 3.5" in diameter. Includes twine for hanging. You have the option to have the back painted, or not. 

Please note that these are handprinted. Each piece will be unique. While we try our best to replicate the details as best as possible, there may be minor discrepancies. Line art portraits are meant to be minimalistic, essentially an outline of the subject(s). This ornament is for up to 6 people only. 

All subjects must be in the same photo. Please upload a clear photo of the subject(s).

* Purchase 5 or more ornaments (mix and match) and automatically get 20% off 

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